Why Organizations Must Have Better Network Security

Enterprise Security Magazine Europe | Monday, September 07, 2020

Advancement of technology has also increased the risk of security due to which it is essential for the companies to have a protected network.

FREMONT, CA: With the advent of technology, massive steps have been taken to enhance security tools and processes by continuously developing security models. Due to these advanced technologies, the security teams have become more reliant on complicated services and products. 

However, with advancement, there is also a risk that lingers around the systems. These systems can fail anytime, so effort must be put while planning and maintaining the security solution so that it is available when any problem occurs. 

Having Knowledge about the Network

The initial step that must be taken to enhance the security is by recognizing the primary tools and procedures on which the company relies both during normal operations and some particular situation like security incidents. It will become easy to witness how the infrastructure's perimeter firewall conducts a significant role to make sure about the access in and out of the system's network. However, it is equally essential that the outage of the file integrity monitoring solution has the same impact when it lets an unknown file enter the network. 

Backups and Testing

Every company must ensure that backups are a part of their plan while they are securing the networks. While the outages have their flaws, it is critical to keep the backups of confidential forensic data, particularly when they consider the value of the security data in the organization. Therefore, while designing the availability plan, the design of backups must have frequencies that will reflect the company's level of tolerance for the loss of data. It can also be a part of the requirement needed for conformation so that the data history can be kept for auditing. 

Furthermore, it is essential to maintain and test the available security systems on a regular basis so that if there is any gap in the system, the IT security department can mend it before any issues occur. Continuous testing and maintain security will also ensure that the backups are protected because after a cyber attack, if there is no backup of the relevant data, the company can face massive loss. 

Cloud Services

The company must also consider the cloud services as it is not necessary for teh company to have direct control because a third party can manage it. However, while implementing cloud service, it is essential to have knowledge about the goals of the service provider and make sure that it syncs with the organization's purpose.

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