Weekly Brief


Thursday, June 24,2021

Feature of the Week

With any hardware firewall in the FortiGate range, one gets the latest cybersecurity technology and improvements built-in as standard.  Read more
Fortinet has revealed the new Fortinet network firewall, the FortiGate 2600F, which allows security-driven networking to safeguard multiple edges, like hybrid data centers, multi-cloud environments, and large-scale remote workers.  Read more
As connected devices and the deployment of new edges grows, the attack surface is widening, making it complex for organizations to secure and manage their network  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Marc Ashworth, Chief Information Security Office, First Bank  
The concept of “least privileged” access to authentication to the applications should be engrained in the culture of the organization  Read more
By Bill Kohler, CIO, Americas International SOS  
Today’s malicious code is very sophisticated, often using evasion techniques and other obfuscation methods to avoid detection by traditional signature-based anti-malware solutions.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Dr. Rob McFeely, Director  
Octiga offers robust, cloud-based, and affordable automated cybersecurity solutions to SMEs. Octiga goes the extra mile and helps clients by educating them on cybersecurity and how they can implement various methods to strengthen their defences...   Read more
By Muttukrishnan Rajarajan, CEO  
CityDefend allows Cloud Service Providers, Enterprises and their clients to store encrypted data on the Cloud while being able to search over it. Its pioneering solution gives users full control over the data stored on the Cloud. The...   Read more
By Arman Sarhaddar, CEO and Founder  
Vault Security Systems is rising as a top-choice partner to protect organizations from counterfeit products or theft. ivault, the pioneering application built by Vault Security Systems, not only helps companies protect their products by shielding...   Read more

CXO Insights

By Luís Morais, Chief Information Security Officer, Galp  
The old ways of “here is my security policy, follow it!” do not work anymore  Read more
By Steve Williamson, Head of Internal Audit for Information Security and Data Privacy, GSK  
Internal Audit have a unique position in an organisation as they can work across department boundaries, test processes end-to-end, and access all relevant data sources  Read more