Why is the Popularity of VPN Services Increasing Among Businesses

Enterprise Security Magazine Europe | Tuesday, August 04, 2020

VPN is becoming popular among the businesses because it is making remote work more secure.

FREMONT, CA: The popularity of virtual private networks (VPNs) is increasing with every passing day. The demand for VPN is increasing among the political activists, individuals concerned about privacy, IT security officials, and also general business users.

Nowadays, various companies are offering consumers and businesses with the software portion of the VPN application. Furthermore, they even offer the users a free trial with the VPN. When the VPN is implemented, the app will launch an encrypted tunnel, but it will do that with a server that is being operated by the VPN vendors rather than doing the same with a router in the company's data center. Therefore, when the user starts surfing the web, it will show that the person is surfing from the vendor's server and not from their home or office.

Top 10 VPN Solution Companies in Europe - 2020The businesses make use of VPN so that they can make sure that the outsiders who have access to the data centers are authorized and using the encrypted channel. They can even use them to connect the network from one place to another. This can be done by developing a permanent VPN tunnel that the IT can create among the VPN-capable routers from one place to another. However, there are various other benefits that they VPN can offer the companies and SMEs.


Several companies allow their employees to travel to different countries for business purposes, but there might be some country that has strict laws related to internet access. In such countries, it can become challenging to get access to corporate resources with the help of open internet because the country might block access to some specific websites. However, if the VPN works in such a situation, it will become easy for the employees to use the internet and obtain corporate resources even if they are in some other location.

Quick-and-Dirty Remote Access

Earlier, the IT professionals had to install VPN software for the users who needed the access of data center from outside the office, which might be from their home or other location. This situation was created because the company's software and back-office applications were preserved in the data center. But with the introduction of web and cloud services, various SMEs might not require data centers anymore. In such cases, the personal VPN service will allow the IT departments to have better secured remote access.

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