Why has the Demand for Biometric Authentication Increased

Enterprise Security Magazine Europe | Monday, August 03, 2020

The popularity of biometric authentication has increased because various organizations are using them due to the increasing number of cybercrimes.

FREMONT, CA: It has become essential to develop one's digital identity by validating the identity and then confirming that it is the user who is requesting to access the process. The number of cybercrimes is increasing each day, and if people do not create their own digital identity, they might get attacked by the cyberbullies.

The procedure that is followed for verifying the identity is commonly known as authentication. However, with the development of technologies, the methods of authentication have also evolved. It started with passwords, but now the popular process of authentication is biometrics 

What is Biometric Authentication?

This new-age technique will allow users to access a system by verifying some distinctive characteristics traits against the verifiable database. 

For instance, if a biometric authentication system is implemented in an organization, the IT personnel will record the employees' fingerprints on the system. Therefore, whenever they enter the premises, they have to scan their fingerprint, and when it matches, they will only get access to the entrance. 

Smartphones can also have biometric authentication, and it is utilized in tandem with Multi-Factor Authentication. Nowadays, it has become the most popular authentication process, and there are two major types of systems. 

Types of Biometric Authentication

There can be numerous types of biometric authentication, but they are divided into two primary types. 

Behavioral Biometrics

This system can be utilized to record and track the behavioral pattern of a person, like their style of signature, the texture of voice, and keystroke dynamics that take note of various strike rates. 

Physiological Biometrics

Physiological biometric is a popular method of authentication. It keeps records of the various human characteristics like eye vein recognition, fingerprint recognition, ear authentication, and others. There is also specific advanced physiological biometrics that consists of footprints, gait recognition, DNA matching, and eve foot dynamics. 

The companies interested in biometric authentication will have choices from which they can apply the one they prefer. The primary advantage of using biometric authentication is to confirm the identities, constrain the unauthorized access, and maintain the company's safety.

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