What's New in the Information Security Space?

Russell Thomas, Enterprise Security Mag | Thursday, October 08, 2020

The realm of information security is continuously becoming more and more high tech.  

FREMONT, CA: The influence of technology is tremendously creating a transformative and constructive impact on the vertical of information security. While information security is basically focused on securing the confidential, operational, and crucial data that is critical to the enterprise and business, technology and its advancements are increasingly reinforcing the security aspects of the information that a business organization would deal with. The modern features of information security offerings in the market are also making it possible for enterprises to authorize access to data and also prevent it from unauthorized access and manipulations as well.

Today, most of the information security experts are aiming at increasingly amplifying the core principles, and they are confidentiality, integrity, and the availability of data. Modern data security landscapes are pronouncing solutions that are basing themselves on technologies such as encryption, security algorithms that are driven by passwords, among others. Enterprises and data teams realize that the business data demands the highest amount of security that makes it stay increasingly and fully confidential. Such data would be free from unauthorized users or cybercriminals from gaining access to it and manipulating or even stealing the data. This further calls the principle of data integrity.

Technology is predominantly helping the information security professionals in achieving and maintaining the integrity of data. A piece of information is said to be increasingly adhering to the principle of integrity when the value and identity of data is not harmed. Modern information security professionals are proactively keeping a check on the data and ensuring if there is any action by a malicious node or attack. To add upon, the availability of data is yet another principle that is directly linked with confidentiality. Technology offers distinct use cases for information security teams to guard the data from unauthorized accesses. Information security technology is increasingly creating a progressive way of data security.      

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