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Enterprise Security Magazine Europe | Monday, July 20, 2020

In the early days of door access control, systems featured keycodes for employees or residents to gain entry. But increasingly, systems are becoming more sophisticated, incorporating smartcard, biometric credentials, wireless systems and a broad range of possible integrations with other systems to keep people and assets safe. Choosing a door access control system with an open IP platform allows any organization to integrate with other useful systems. CCTV and intercom systems are often deemed as an absolute essential in the list as they help security Top 10 Access Control Companies in Europe -2020managers monitor and control who is accessing the building. Additionally, visitor management programmes can help by allowing the creation of bespoke and time-sensitive access credentials. Further, a visitor management system will enable businesses to create their own visitor passes, saving time for the central security team.

Today, the access control market in Europe is growing, as various types of cost-effective security systems increase the inclination of individuals toward its usage. To ensure optimum standards of security and control, the companies use a broad range of techniques and equipment including smart cards, sensors, tagging equipment, ID and access systems, the majority of which are designed and developed in-house. These technological systems can be supplemented by dedicated security guards, mainly when duties include the operation of control rooms or the screening and searching of individuals who require access to restricted zones.

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