libC Technologies and CYSEC Combined Their Technology Expertise to Develop SwissPKI

Enterprise Security Magazine Europe | Wednesday, September 16, 2020

libC Technologies and CYSEC collaboratively launches SwissPKI to deliver robust hardware-based centralized key management powered by strong cryptography to protect corporate business processes from cyberattacks.

FREMONT, CA: libC Technologies, provider of solutions and services in the areas of IT security and software development, and CYSEC, the European leader in confidential computing, integrates their respective technology expertise to develop SwissPKI, the Public Infrastructure Key Infrastructure, onto the ARCA secure execution environment, using Kubernetes. The SwissPKI is a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) that delivers robust hardware-based centralized key management backed up by strong cryptography to secure corporate business processes from cyberattacks. This solution is available on CYSECs ARCA to secure the execution environment platform on-premises with its ARCA Appliance or as a Service (SaaS) using security technology infrastructure in a Swiss Tier 4 data center. SwissPKI also reduces operational overheads and costs for companies while increasing the security of their IT systems.

libC Technologies and CYSEC developed this SwissPKI solution using Kubernetes. There is increasing interest in the development of container-based applications with multiple developers launching competing solutions. Kubernetes is the clear winner among the orchestration technologies; the number of organizations moving to the production phase is finally growing. Kubernetes infrastructures remain relatively small, and applications running on them are fairly simple.

Enterprises now want the freedom to opt where applications and data should run dynamically, depending on several businesses, technical, and financial factors. They select the public cloud for flexibility and agility, while on-premise infrastructures are a better option from efficiency, cost, and reliability perspectives. Here, Kubernetes is instrumental in executing this vision, but it needs the right integration with infrastructure layers, such as security, to make it happen. By opting for the SwissPKI Appliance on ARCA, enterprises choose peace of mind and security. The solution guarantees availability, the quality of the platform, and keeps enterprise data secure and confidential. The SwissPKI Appliance also allows firms to reduce operational costs, save time, and lets them concentrate on their core business.

libC Technologies SA is a leading provider of solutions and services in IT security and software development. The company’s security experience helps enterprises to get the most from their current systems, control costs, improve performance and productivity, and reduce risks across the enterprise.

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