How Can Consumers Benefit from the Biometric-Enabled Payment Card?

Enterprise Security Magazine Europe | Monday, November 23, 2020

The prime advantage of biometric identification or authentication over a password or a pin-based from a user’s perspective is that it cannot be forgotten.

FREMONT, CA: The biometric authentication technology has found many applications within the past from the office attendance system to securing mobile phones. Biometric technology is a massive success in the mobile phone market, where the majority of smartphones are equipped with this fail-safe system. Many consumers are adopting biometric recognition systems as opposed to the traditional PIN (Personal Identification Number), maximizing convenience, and security. 

There are various drawbacks, like difficulty in memorizing the PIN, the fear of getting copied, and so on, in the current verification methods as far as payment cards are concerned. To overcome these payment card manufacturers exploring the utilization of biometric technology to secure card transactions. Biometrics technology is now gaining momentum in the payment industry as well in the form of advanced on-card fingerprint sensing systems. 

Here are a few points as to how the consumers will benefit from the biometric-enabled payment card.


The cardholder needs to touch the built-in fingerprint sensor while giving the card to the payment terminal. Once there is a biometric match, the payment is authorized without needing to enter a PIN.

Highly secure:

Standard four-digit PINs are usually considered insecure, whereas biometric fingerprint technology is widely recognized as being highly secure. The embedded enterprise-level biometric algorithms can exceed 99.99 percent authentication accuracy.


Entering a PIN can take some time, but biometric authorization is a seamless and near-instant process. Biometric identification expedites the transaction and guarantees peace of mind that the consumer is looking for every time they use their payment card.

Win-win situation:

The consumers and businesses will reap their share of benefits with the help of contactless biometric payment cards. The banks can curb payment card fraud and instill trust amongst customers, while retail businesses can boost sales as customers will make more frequent transactions and spend less time making payments.

More convenient transactions:

Users can make secure and convenient payments anywhere in the world. Adoption will encourage higher value contactless purchases at retail stores leading to increased profitability for brick and mortar businesses.

Private and uniquely personal:

The biometric authentication process is uniquely personal and exclusive to the user. It’s almost impossible to simulate a person’s unique fingerprint. Privacy is protected, too, by ensuring the user’s biometric credentials never leave the card.

Robust and environmentally friendly:

The biometric payment cards are just as thin, small, and bendable as traditional cards. Since the biometric system consumes meager power, no battery is needed for the card to work.

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