Why SIEM is Important for Enterprise IT Security

Enterprise Security Magazine Europe | Monday, July 13, 2020

SIEM can help the companies to improve their IT security by detecting issues like data breaches.

FREMONT, CA: Most companies utilize the three critical features of SIEM, which is investigation, time to respond, and threat detection. The SIEM’s were designed in a way so that it can analyze, collect, store, investigate, and report on a log and other data. It was mainly used for forensics and regulatory compliance. Before the advent of SIEM’s, the logs and other data were collected manually, and logs were sourced from various technologies like firewalls, spam filters, servers, and antivirus, which had to be analyzed, collected, and normalized.

Moreover, a small company can have almost 300 software and hardware products that produce logs, and the number is even more for large organizations. Therefore, the traditional manual method of log keeping was prolonged and even monotonous. This old process was also filled with errors since it was done manually, and it was even expensive for the companies. Now, most of the organizations have started to apply the logs SIEM’s so that they can analyze the event data in real-time so they can detect the targeted attacks, data breaches, and threats in advance.

How SIEM Help with Log Monitoring and Management?

To maintain the security of a company, it is necessary to apply efficient log management. Furthermore, the most significant factors of IT security are monitoring, documenting, and analyzing. Therefore, the companies can utilize the log management software or SIEM’s so that they can automate the required procedures. There are two most important tasks that the SIEM has to take care of, and they are SIM and SEM.

SIM – Security information management

The security information management can be used as long-term storage so that the companies can analyze and conduct the reporting of the log data. However, this solution was and is still complicated and takes a lot of time to implement. The company can utilize it if they want to develop their connectors to the firewalls, the application serves, IDS/IPS, DLP solutions, and others that generate a log in the IT environment. Today, there are many SIEM’s that have some of their connectors out of the box.

SEM – Security event manager

SEM helps the organizations to monitor in real-time, co-relate the events, notifies, and console the views. This the significant advantage of applying SIEM as it will turn vital data into information. And if the SIEM is installed appropriately, it will transform the data in visual dashboards to assist the analysts when they expose the irregularities and threats in the security system.

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