How will Biometric Technology Improve Airport Security

Enterprise Security Magazine Europe | Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Airports are applying biometric authentication to improve the security and passenger experience.

FREMONT, CA: Biometric technology has immensely benefitted airports, especially when it comes to enhancing customer experience and increasing security. With such innovative developments in the next few years, passengers can move through the airport with limited human contact by using technologies that will make their journey seamless. 

The Automated Airport

Many airports have already started to enhance the experience of the passengers. These technologies also help them obtain the flexibility they require for scaling up and down the activities in response to the increase of passengers, seasonal changes, and other unexpected situations. The technologies in an automated airport will help the passengers with self-check-in, CUPPS system, and bag drop. 

Introducing biometric technology is the next step for the automated airport. Biometric is slowly becoming popular among airports as some have already implemented it. Biometric systems are significant automation providers as it will provide the passengers with a seamless journey by connecting every step. According to IT leaders, biometric travel can drive passenger experience in the future. 

What is Biometric Technology?

With biometric, it will be easier to match facial characteristics or any other distinctive biological features like iris or fingerprints to passenger passports at airports. This matching process is commonly known as the token travel or single token travel. Furthermore, facial recognition can be utilized in every stage of the journey. It will also help the airports to enhance their security and reduce overcrowding but also increase efficiency. 

High security 

In the airport, biometric authentication will help increase the security level, and it will also verify whether the person is the same as in the passport. Biometric authentication can also be provided by the people living and breathing, so it will become challenging to commit any fraud while entering the airport. 

User experience is convenient 

Moreover, biometric authentication is not only technical, but it is also easy and quick in comparison with the traditional method. Forgetting passwords will also be a thing of the past because after entering the airport, identification will be done through biometric, which requires distinctive features like a fingerprint.

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