Forcepoint Helps Decrease Risk in Digital Environment

Enterprise Security Magazine Europe | Friday, September 18, 2020

Forcepoint provides technological solutions that can substitute the open sources solutions, which has encrypted and secured emails, web search, and data storage

FREMONT, CA: Demand for smartphones have increased substantially since the last decade. Affordability and multiple necessary applications of smartphones is boosting the demand. While the market penetration of smartphones is at an all-time high, the number of internet users is also on the rise. Cheaper internet plans by telecommunication companies coupled with developing infrastructure in developing economies is fueling the use of the internet. These developments are driving the market for mobile applications. The growing number of mobile apps are available for a wide range of functionalities from finance to shopping, social media to business operations. These third-party applications collect consumer information for better performance and smooth transactions. While this improves the performance and customer satisfaction of these applications, they are also exposing confidential consumer data to the security breach and ransomware attack. Hence, it is of utmost importance for companies engaging and storing consumer data to have an information security strategy an invest in security solutions offered by Forcepoint.

Forcepoint offers technology solutions that replace open source solutions with encrypted and secured emails, web searches, and data storage. Companies across industries, such as finance, banking, telecommunications, ecommerce, collect and store a wide range of consumer data from address and contact details to banking information and purchase patterns. There is sensitive information that needs to be secured. Hence, these companies outsource their data management and security services to information technology solution providers such as Forcepoint. Forcepoint securely stores its customers' data in their local servers and also in the cloud.

Any companies' systems might become a victim of external malware and other viruses through the web. Hence, Forcepoint offers secure web services. Forcepoint secures solutions restricts the access of certain websites with a higher degree of threat. It also regulates the unauthorized access of its clients, websites, web portals, and company data. Email security feature offered by Forcepoint stores the customers' email data in a secured cloud and also protects against spam.

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