Why Consolidation Improves Enterprise Security

Russell Thomas, Enterprise Security Mag Europe | Monday, May 31, 2021

The best approach for enhancing security in organizations is prioritizing consolidating to fewer security vendors.

FREMONT, CA: Criminals and hackers never seem to rest. They are always ready to take advantage of any situation to compromise organizations’ defenses for their own ends. The latest cybersecurity reports show that the attack landscape grew and diversified across enterprise networks, cloud deployments, endpoints, mobile, and IoT devices. With every new vulnerability, the red flags begin to wave. The usual reaction is for enterprises to review and consider ramping-up security with the latest products, assuming that these will aid to better guard their networks and data.  But will they?

No attack surface goes untouched.  Several organizations globally are impacted by cyber-attacks involving mobile devices, according to Check Point Research. With most of the enterprise workloads moving to the cloud, cybercriminals are attacking cloud providers. Check Point has also seen ransomware attackers use a new, creative, double extortion tactic: before encrypting the victim’s database, the attackers extract large, sensitive commercial information and threaten to publish it unless a ransom is paid.

The complexity of security operations is made worse because security teams are managing their cyber defenses from several consoles. The inability to get a full view of an organization’s threat posture develops visibility silos, complicating the incident response. The majority of organizations manage security operations with multiple consoles. For some, policy management is accomplished mostly with standalone consoles or a mix of consolidated and standalone consoles. For some organizations, security events are handled with the most standalone console or a mixture of consolidated and standalone consoles.

Leveraging products from a dozen or more security vendors adds another layer of complexity for enterprises. Maintenance, version upgrades, contract renewals, and several other activities that care for and feed a security solution all take valuable time and resources. Seventy-nine percent of organizations working with multiple vendors and find it challenging.

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