Secfense Introduces Microauthorizations, Reorienting the User Security

Enterprise Security Magazine Europe | Tuesday, May 28, 2019

FREMONT, CA: As online wallets and cryptocurrencies continue to gain ground in traditional banking institutions, organizations today demand quick and frictionless financial interactions coupled with effective security against cyber attacks. To this end, Secfense, an independent user access security broker and a 2FA enabler launched a new security feature Microauthorization, designed to make the user journey smooth while substantially increasing the level of data security.

With Microauthorization feature, it is easier to monitor and register every attempt of opening particular online resources and thereby remove the risk of compromising the sensitive data. The feature helps easily add additional authorization steps in the application, without touching the application code. It lets the application admin stop the application user when that one opens some specific resources or performs some specific actions within the application. The new feature is expected to be beneficial for big businesses, financial services companies, healthcare organizations, and telecommunications. Later this year, the company will be showing a live demo of this feature and its deployment details on telecom web applications at the Total Telecom's main event.

Corporations and big businesses are the most desired objects of cyber attacks, credential theft, and various types of phishing scams. A considerable amount of money and data are involved where the attack happens. The problematic thing about cybersecurity is balancing on the line of data protection and user comfort. "Secfense is a method-agnostic security layer that protects organizations and its applications from cyber attacks with maximum flexibility and scalability," says Antoni Sikora, CMO and Head of Growth at Secfense.

Guided by a mission to redefine 2FA adoption within organizations, Secfense transparently implements a scalable security layer in the fabric of organizations' infrastructure for reliable protection spanning on-premise, public, and private cloud without interfering with the applications' code or database. The company reduces the complexities of fragmented traditional 2FA deployment with a quick and simplified deployment process. 

Secfense is on par with the digital realm's shift and helps big and medium-sized companies from financial, healthcare, e-commerce, transportation, and other professional services companies fend off data theft and phishing attacks. "We strive to be the go-to company for businesses that want to easily unify and strengthen their user access security policies across the globe," says Marcin Szary, the CTO at Secfense.

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