How Identity and Access Management Solutions Work for Remote Working

Enterprise Security Magazine Europe | Thursday, September 24, 2020

The organizations' response to the pandemic COVID-19 is intended to create awareness around the need for much broader security of the remote workforce, which goes past the Multi-Factor Authentication, such as much better access controls. 

FREMONT, CA: The COVID-19 crisis has emphasized the need for organizations to provide more security to their applications. There will be an increased and heightened focus on Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solutions in the remaining months of 2020. As organizations have opened their systems for remote access, there's going to be a big push of security to secure them.

Nevertheless, Identity Automation intends to help organizations. There are comparatively simple ways to attack these security problems. As the organizations ceaselessly look for more intuitive systems to use, behavioral analytics and AI will play a significant role in helping to make decisions around the access control and cyber threats. It can be a prolonged process before any organization can entirely rely on the platforms for any decision making. 

One fine example is, AI can flag for an anomaly regarding a user account like multiple transactions appeared which that cannot be from the same user. This should lead to a significantly minimized threat landscape in terms of the ability for people to have access to be able to execute these attacks. Once the organization is aware of the attack is occurring, they can then take steps to prevent any alien body from continuing to attack. 

IAM can be used to decrease the new security threats by overlooking the application with factors beyond the usernames and passwords. In particular, MFA and biometric authentication have become more exciting in an environment with an enhanced remote workforce.

There's also an opportunity for organizations that don't want to implement an MFA solution to venture to a password-less solution. This can also enhance overall security, which might be achieved through push authentication.

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