How Can Organizations Ensure Successful Migration with Cloud Security?

Enterprise Security Magazine Europe | Thursday, July 23, 2020

Dealing with the IT workloads can be a challenging task; it becomes more complicated when the migration includes mission-critical data, infrastructure, and moving to the cloud. 

FREMONT, CA: There are no single methods for all sizes and types of cloud migration, utilizing best practices, and a well-executed plan can substantially increase the chances of cloud security success. On attaining an internal alignment and committing to moving to the cloud, a defined plan of action will be of utmost importance in order to move forward. Organizations are either shifting to the cloud for more scalability and flexibility into the systems or have adopted a cloud-first approach for new product acquisition. To reach this stage, it is essential to complete the transition to this new environment successfully. 

Leveraging a Professional Services Organization

A different set of skills is needed to manage the change from an on-premise to a cloud environment. If an organization is unable to access skilled resources to run the prevailing environment, it is common to be challenged in finding the skills needed to plan for and execute a successful cloud migration. At this juncture, a product-focused professional services engagement can enable the organization to boost the transition and ensure that the cloud security deployment is successful. The professional services team brings together an established industry framework, capabilities, and maturity to engagements. 

Formulating a Baseline

The entire business rule, content policies, configurations, and any applications that the organizations might be running or planning on running in your environment should be a baseline of the current environment. This inventory should also provide a map containing the current roles and responsibilities, inclusive of the people needed to operate and even migration of the system. Migration can also be viewed as an inflection point with the functions and processes going through a change, and it can also be regarded as an opportunity for organizations to redesign controls and align to the industry standards and cloud security best practices. Additionally, the baseline enables the organizations to articulate their desired end state goals, their opinion of how does a successful cloud migration looks like and how the success can be measured.

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