How Can Cloud Offer More Security to Business Solutions?

Enterprise Security Magazine Europe | Monday, July 27, 2020

Every business has a ton of sensitive data, and they can consider utilizing cloud services for many of its critical business application.

FREMONT, CA: There is doubt that the cloud offers a more secure environment that one can hope to get. Although the cloud service providers are outstanding when it comes to protecting the data, they cannot safeguard when the data leaves the cloud to interact with other systems. Security breaches are rarely caused by inadequate cloud data protection, and they are caused by humans. One of the critical decisions the company owners have to take is to choose between using cloud-based and on-premises business solutions.

Three solutions that are more secure when hosted in the cloud


Cloud-based anti-virus software is more secure to mitigate the latest threats compared to the locally installed anti-virus software. This robust business solution provides close to real-time updates within minutes, as soon as the cloud provider smells danger. Microsoft conducted a study, and it was discovered that frequent updates substantially reduce the chances of a computer becoming infected. The study states that only 0.6 percent of computers with real-time updates had been affected, but the rates increased to 2.2 percent the machines that got new virus definitions less regularly.

Content Stash

Some of the leading cloud-based business solutions like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, and OneDrive enable people to store documents, music files, photos, and similar content in the cloud. They also possess collaboration components; hence an individual with the correct credentials or a link can access information and work with their colleagues. These are the types of cloud-based business solutions which have various security-related advantages over keeping documents on-site and sharing them via file uploads after scanning the physical document.

Hard Drive Backups

Hard drive backups save people from catastrophes like crashes and accidentally deleted files. The businesses that leverage cloud can experience superior protection against ransomware. Utilizing physical backup hardware is recommended; however, there are cases where cybercriminals have infiltrated connected drives, as well as the primary hard drive.

These business solutions can help a company to function more securely than it would by sticking solely to on-premise business solutions.

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