European Cybersecurity Firm Secfense is Now a Cherry GmbH Solution Partner

Enterprise Security Magazine Europe | Friday, August 16, 2019

Secfense, a European cybersecurity enterprise with a keen focus on robust authentication, is now an official solution partner of Cherry GmbH.

FREMONT, CA: Secfense has been offering protection against phishing, besides various forms of credential theft, by ensuring multi-factor authentication on various applications, that too, within minutes. Through the process, the enterprise ensures financial savings and reduces complexity.

“Secfense is a method-agnostic security layer that protects organizations and its applications from cyber-attacks with maximum flexibility and scalability,” says Antony Sikora, CMO, Secfense.

Formerly known as Cherry Corporation, Cherry GmbH is a German-based computer peripheral–device manufacturer. Cherry GmbH has its roots in America and has its branches in China and France as well.

The firm has always been in search of ways to enhance cybersecurity for its products and in turn, make them highly resistant to cyber-attacks.

The use of Secfense’s Consumer Access Security Broker combined with the biometrics hardware by Cherry GmbH would extend an opportunity for clients to fully leverage WebAuthn standard. WebAuthn would provide robust authentication methods within minutes and by avoiding any interference in the application code.

WebAuthn is an innovative W3C global standard concerning safe verification on the Web that is supported by all popular platforms and browsers. ‘WebAuthn’, as a web standard facilitates the leveraging of regional authenticators including fingerprint biometric mice, etc, in addition to several others. This is carried out as part of a strong user authentication process.

An average user is thought to have about ninety online accounts to handle. WebAuthn now makes it possible to safeguard online accounts.  WebAuthn also offers robust account safety as compared to having just a password and a user name.

Users of WebAuthn can have a choice of authenticators for safeguarding their accounts which includes built-in platform biometric sensors, and security keys.

Secfense was featured by the Enterprise Security Magazine as one of the Top 10 Multi-Factor Authentication Solution Providers of Europe 2019.

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